The Concept

Mixmo Technology

Mixmo is an inventive technology Company. We have spent years developing the Mixmo Pick ´n Mix machine and the concept around it. And we continue to develop and improve from both technical and commercial perspectives. This is where we put our efforts and passion. As such we operate with Partners in various regions of the World having exclusive distribution status for the Mixmo Pick ´n Mix Concept.

Mixmo also have the Service to be able to provide branded cups and High Quality Candy in bulk, but the Regional Distribution Partners handle Sales, Marketing, Machine Maintenance and the Salespoint distribution of Candy and Cups.


Commercial Model

Mixmo Rent out the machine sections on a 36 month rental period, that is normally financed through a 3:rd party leasing company. After the 36 months has passed the machines can be returned, the contract renewed or machines replaced.

In addition there is a royalty fee based on cost of merchandise sold through the system. As such every client are free to choose sourcing of Sweets and Consumables to optimize yield and Market attractiveness.


Mixmo Services

Mixmo offer a variety of support and services to help our partners to a great solution and to achieve a unique presence in their markets

- Technical Product Training to be able to do maintenance and adjustments to the Hardware

- Extension of our competitive Swedish High Quality Candy Price Agreement

- Supply of various sizes of Candy Containers

- Marketing Support and Advisory Services to Market Activities

- Marketing and Event Material available

- On demand Machine Customizations

- Customized selection of available accessories to create an attractive solution for the particular environment for unit deployment 

- Customization of the machine appearance like Co-branding and Graphics

- Planogram graphics 

- Assortment testing and verification


Mixmo Partner

Do you have an established distribution business of Sweets or Snacks today ? Are you looking for a way to differentiate from lowest price only competition and provide an exclusive unique solution ? Are you looking for that little special offer that might help you win a new contract in the retail or leisure experience channels ? Do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion of how we together can go to market in your Region and Market segment.